Note for consumers acc. Section 18 (1) Battery Act (Germany)

Many electrical and electronic devices come with separate batteries or rechargeable batteries. Batteries or rechargeable batteries can also be permanently installed in the devices themselves. In connection with the distribution of these batteries or rechargeable batteries, we, as distributors under the Battery Act, are obliged to inform our customers as follows:

Disposal in household waste is strictly forbidden!


The garbage bin means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste

The signs under the garbage cans stand for:
  • Pb: Battery contains lead
  • Cd: Battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: Battery contains mercury

Consumers are required by law strong> to bring batteries to a suitable collection point. Old batteries contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled. In addition, collection bins strong> are available in many places (Germany only), such as:

Battery Box

You can also send your used batteries that you have bought from us to Music-Service-Geiger, Rodacher Straße 6, 96317 Kronach, Germany.